About Me

I did not discover my passion for web development until I was more than half way through my Bachelor of science degree at the University of Sydney.

Before long, I enrolled at Ultimo TAFE (Technical And Further Education) to a gain a certified qualification in web design, and later a diploma in web development.

I began my professional career as a web designer/developer with the bare essential skills in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT with some basic PHP and ASP.NET knowledge. Job hunting was a struggle, but a fateful encounter with the owner of itouch digital had led to the fortunate position I have today; web developer for Control Zone Online.

Based on my professional experiences, I’ve learnt that communication, trust and persistence are key elements in the web industry. It was with these elements that I was able to accomplish tasks that I never thought was within my capabilities.

Before I began pursuing a career in the web industry, I’d developed an interest in anime and manga. Thus, my work is very much influenced by my love for the Japanese Pop Culture, especially with my choice of colors, placement and orientation of site content. My dream is to have the opportunity to undertake anime and/or anime related projects in the future.

I remain confident that my skills will continue to grow with time and I wish to keep working with clients in tackling any emerging issues in our continually evolving age of technology.